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Belpre Kroger store hosts online grocery ordering service BELPRE, Oh.-(WTAP) "Clicklist" has been in use in the West Virginia cities of Charleston, Huntington, Morgantown and Clarksburg-as well as Athens, Ohio. Its first appearance in the immediate area came Thursday in Belpre. Kroger says it's all about convenience-and time. "Do your order online, and then, when you pull up to the time you leave, it's about five minutes," says Jason Talerico, e-Commerce Field Specialist for the Mid-Atlantic region, based in Roanoke, Virginia. "So, it's very quick and very time-saving." Special scanners help store employees find items residents ordered. 20 people have been hired specifically to handle the online system. Shoppers we spoke to who used the service placed their orders Wednesday night. "It seems like when you go with young children to the store, you're easily distracted," notes Ashley Skinner. "Whether they're walking in front of the shopping cart, or throwing something in the cart you didn't plan on buying. So it was nice today." "I think it's going to be a lot (of help) for people who are challenged in terms of getting in and out of their cars," says Andy Skinner.

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