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Yes, there are ways to improve your laundry skills, but you’re still shoving your favorite duds into a machine to get agitated—yes, that’s what it’s called—and then into a different machine to get blasted with heat. You do know what all that lint you pull out of the dryer actually is, right? Bits of fabric fibers from your clothes. Even if your shirts didn’t shrink in the wash, they still literally got smaller. But I get it. You want to wash that outfit not necessarily because it is dirty, but because it looks dirty. Or, more accurately, like you spent a whole day wearing it. Big ol’ creases at the elbows and the hip joints, with a nice wrinkle across the front from all those hours sitting at a desk. And yeah, you don’t want to wear that again without addressing those issues. But washing isn’t always the answer. Now that the weather is cooling down again, it’s time to return to one of my favorite fashion-preserving habits: ironing clothes instead of washing them.

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Temple of Pythons, Benin "Ultimately, the gaze on voodoo over the years has not been one of love - that's why it's been given a bad image." Ms Romaine is of Haitian and US heritage. She first learned about voodoo from her aunt in Haiti - she travelled on a pilgrimage to retrace the "slave route" and her last stop was here in Benin where she has been living for more than a year. According to Ms Romaine, voodoo's bad image abroad has a lot to do with what people have seen in Hollywood films. "The image of voodoo went wrong from the first encounter - from the first visitors to the continent, the anthropologists who didn't understand what they were seeing and from that came a lot of xenophobic writing," she says. "It was also worsened by the US invasion of Haiti much later, which gave rise to Hollywood's fascination with the horror stories that all had voodoo." Back at the ceremony, the processing of devotees has now moved to the town square for the final stage of the rituals. There is more drumming, singing, dancing and after four animals are killed and cooked inside three large flaming pots of clay, the meat inside is shared by all those who have attended the day's proceedings. The Regional High Priest of Voodoo Daagbo Hounon is presiding over the day's rituals. He is dressed in ceremonial robes, with a striking top hat, and holding a staff made from cowry shells. Image caption Regional High Priest of Voodoo Daagbo Hounon says voodoo has been unfairly judged by outsiders over the years He is a big man with a booming voice and speaks passionately about their belief system - he tells me that their faith is misunderstood.

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Clothing Boutique THREAD Opening Short North Location Clothing Boutique THREAD Opening Short North Location The first new tenant to be located inside the still-under-construction Brunner Building has officially been unveiled. Grandview-based THREAD is slated to open a new location inside the new building located at 940 N. High St. “After attending the Short North Gala a few years ago, I knew this was a community that THREAD needed to be a part of,” said owner Miranda Boyle. “The Short North is vibrant, diverse and inclusive, which is everything that we strive to be as a retailer.” THREAD, which originally opened on Grandview Avenue in 2012, features both men’s and women’s clothing from both national brands and local designers. The new store will take up 1,900 square feet of ground-floor space in the new six-story building, which contains another 1,700 square feet of available retail space. The upper floors of the building feature 12,000 square feet of office space, 33 apartments, and a rooftop patio. “The Short North is an ideal destination for independent retail, and the brand that Miranda has created at THREAD is truly unique, and will fit seamlessly into the fabric of the building and the neighborhood,”stated Mark Wood, president of Wood Companies, developer of The Brunner Building. “This announcement is consistent with our determination to sustain and grow the vibrancy of the District.” Construction at The Brunner is expected to be completed in Spring 2018. For more information, visit  www.shopthreadonline.com .

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