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But it also allowed them to crack a few jokes and build a relationship that they could need in the years to come. This was not a reset or a return to business as usual but the opening of a channel of communication that in recent years has been as frozen as the Moscow winter. Ahead of the meeting in Moscow, the UK government said Mr Johnson would warn Russia to stop cyber-attacks which threaten Britain's national security or face retaliation of a similar kind from the UK. But Mr Lavrov accused Mr Johnson of being a "hostage" of untrue Western narratives on the issue, insisting Russia had not meddled in elections in other countries. Mr Johnson said there was "abundant evidence" of Russian interference in polls in the US, Germany, Denmark and France. Image caption Boris Johnson stands in front of Saint Basil's cathedral in Red square in Moscow Image caption And takes part in a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Mr Lavrov hit back by telling Mr Johnson he himself had said Russia had not interfered in Britain's general election and Brexit referendum. Mr Johnson interrupted his Russian counterpart to add: "Not successfully." Mr Lavrov said the evidence produced so far of Russian attempts at interference amounted to no more than the spending of "a few kopecks" on social media adverts. "I think you have made all this up in your Western community and unfortunately right now you are hostage to this subject, it is very difficult for you to climb down from the fence you have climbed." He also criticised Britain for cutting off ties with Russia's FSB security agency over the murder of Alexander Litvinenko in London, saying the UK authorities had refused to hand over information in the case. He said government criticism of British politicians who speak to Russian media outlets, such as the RT television channel, damaged the reputation of the UK as "the cradle of democracy". Mr Johnson acknowledged the "difficulties" in relations with Russia, adding: "It is a regrettable state of affairs but it should not preclude co-operation." The UK foreign secretary said they had identified common ground most popular shopping sites on issues such as North Korea, Syria and trade - and said the UK and Russian security services should co-ordinate ahead of next year's World Cup.


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