Some Basic Guidelines On Crucial Aspects Of Nightwear

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peacekeepers exchanged fire with armed men during a protest against the U.N. military presence, the United Nations said. The clashes occurred as hundreds of protesters gathered to call for troops from the U.N. mission (MINUSCA) to leave the country. A Reuters witness saw protesters, carrying anti-U.N. posters, throwing stones and shouting at the troops who responded with warning shots. There was then an exchange of gunfire between the troops and armed men near the crowd. "MINUSCA intervened in the early morning hours of Monday to dismantle barricades erected by the demonstrators," the mission said in a statement. "MINUSCA believes that Monday's ชุดนอนกระโปรงแขนยาว events constitute a new attempt by enemies of peace to disturb the return to constitutional normality," it added, adding that five peacekeepers were among the injured. The statement did not offer further specifics on the casualties.