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Article: Uranus and Pluto 2012: Mid-'60s come of age, demand

On October 9, 1965, they reached the same degree in Virgo, creating a relationship called a conjunction; they formed two more exact conjunctions in April and June 1966. In astrology, a conjunction joins or merges the energies of the planets involved and expresses them in areas represented by those planets and the sign they occupy. Uranus Conjunct Pluto, Mid-1960s by Anne Nordhaus-Bike In this case, Uranus's electric, erratic nature and energy of sudden change, revolution, awakening, and genius combined with Pluto's deep, transformative nature and energy of destruction, evolution, surrender, and hidden power. Together, they created explosive energy that demanded change, and they ushered in a new historical cycle. In the decades since, the seeds Uranus and Pluto sowed at their conjunction have had opportunities to sprout and take root, and some have created tremendous change. Because Uranus and Pluto occupied Virgo at the time of their three conjunctions, many of the changes we have seen since the mid-1960s have involved Virgo themes: health, purity, independence, pets, service, jobs, daily routine, practicality, food, and the connections among mind, body, and spirit. In addition, because Virgo is a mutable sign, it comes at the end of a season and represents energy concerned with clearing out the old to make way for the new (as opposed to cardinal energy, which begins a season and creates the new by initiating new efforts , or fixed energy, which comes at the middle of a season and maintains what once was new by putting order, systems, and routines in place). Virgo energy analyzes and then takes practical steps to improve daily life in order to serve the greater good. In the mid-1960s, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo helped adjust or eliminate old ways (discrimination, pollution, colonialism) to permit independence and protect health. Virgo's ultimate goal is perfection: for example, during his presidency Lyndon Johnson (a Virgo) sought to improve America and create a "Great Society" that would eliminate poverty, hunger, and illness.

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Saturn Planet of Karma history maturity reality & lead is in its home sign Capricorn now until 2020. Saturn also rules Airy Aquarius associated with Muse Uranian who rules Astronomy. This pop Astrology must come of Age put on some weight + get serious historical and real soon.

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