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The EITC can still reward individuals and families with a refund, even if they have no taxable income. However, because of the high propensity for fraud, the recently passed PATH Act is likely to delay any tax refunds with an attached EITC by a few weeks this year (and perhaps going forward). 5. Adoption Credit If you've recently adopted a child or multiple children under the age of 18, you may be able to claim some hefty deductions via Form 8839 when preparing your taxes. According to the IRS, reasonable and necessary adoption fees, court costs and attorney fees, travel expenses, and other expenses (including meals) that are directly related to the legal adoption of a child would all be qualified adoption expenses. The maximum amount of this credit for 2016 is $13,460 per child, but, as is often the case, there are income limits. The adoption credit begins to phase out when modified adjusted gross income crosses $201,920, and phases out completely above $241,920. (Photo: Getty Images) 6. Higher education credits Sending your kids to college can be expensive, and yet still rewarding.

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The names were mentioned in plea bargain testimony of former executives of construction firm Odebrecht, but have not been made public. It is unclear if they include ministers in President Michel Temer's government. The Operation Car Wash investigates overpriced contracts at Petrobras. Supreme Court Judge Edson Fachin, in charge of the case , is due to decide whether he will accept the requests to open the investigations. Prosecutor General Rodrigo Janot also asked for the names to be made public, and that the Supreme Court send 211 other requests to lower courts. Under Brazilian law, cabinet ministers, senators and lower house lawmakers can only be tried in the Supreme Court, where cases can take years to come to trial. Image caption It is not clear the list includes members of Mr Temer's cabinet The new investigations are an escalation of the three-year-old Operation Car Wash. The former Odebrecht employees, including its ex-chief executive Marcelo Odebrecht, signed deals with Brazilian investigators, agreeing sneak a peek here to confess to crimes and to identify corrupt officials in exchange for shorter prison sentences. This new chapter in the case will be a test for Mr Temer, who leads a centre-right government after leftist President Dilma Rousseff was impeached last year. He took power promising to tackle corruption and restore fiscal discipline as Brazil faces its worst recession on record. But he has lost several ministers following corruption allegations, and the investigations may hamper his efforts to revive the economy and restore confidence, correspondents say.

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